Sunday, July 18, 2010

It is DONE!

The 24-hour period is now officially up.

In behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone who took up the 24-hour Comic Book Challenge.

Finished or not, you guys created wonderful comics.

You’re one of the reasons kung “bakit ASTIG ang PINOY”.

We’re just going to get some sleep first, fix up the entries a bit afterwards (formatting, etc.), then present them to the judges who will then proceed to pick their top choices.

Thanks are in order to our sponsors, Comic Odyssey and Espresso Comics as well as our media partner, The Philippine Online Chronicles. Hats off to Johnny Danganan and Rizal Alagar for slugging it out with me for the last 24 hours promoting the comics online. And a big, big SALAMAT to everyone who helped promote and supported the Second 24-hour Comic Book Challenge.

In the meantime you guys give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!

Ang astig ninyong lahat!

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For questions and clarifications contact Johnny Danganan!
YM ID: johnny_danganan


  1. Thanks for putting this all together, folks :)

  2. It was our pleasure. It was a blast! :D

  3. congrats guys! next year ulit! tatapusin ko na sa susunod...

  4. Congrats sa lahat ng mga taong naging parte nito!

  5. tnx din sir jonas! at ang bumubuo ng 24-hour Comic Book Challenge. gandang xperience 4 me...