Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 15 who Finished the 24hr Comic Book Challenge

After checking all the entries, I am proud to present the fifteen (15) participants who finished the second Philippine 24-hour Comic Book Challenge.

I will be submitting the Top 10 most popular stories to the judges by July 25, 2010, Sunday. The participants will be promoting their comics until then in an effort to boost their visibility and improve their chances in getting in on the Top 10.

How about you guys? Which story/comic book creator is your favorite?

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  1. I had fun reading "Part of the Job" comics by Kevin Ang. XD

  2. I like that Tatong Jurolan's Sampaguita LOL astig!

  3. Sir, is there a way to rearrange the comics so that when viewers click on the names of the creators, the cover page / page 1 gets viewed first?

    Anyway, judging from the art alone (haven't read everything yet) I'm going with Kevin Justing Ang, Freely Abrigo, RH Quilantang, Toby Abad, and maybe a toss between Noel Cervantes and Tatong Jurolan for the fifth place. Will post comments on story when I finish everything.

  4. Currely working on it, Erika. :)

  5. I never knew Tatong would make it, anyways his story fairly awesome to be made up or figured out in just 24 hrs. kaso anliliit ng ibang text, at you can see he rushed his work on putting the text bubbles, may ibang parts din na nakaligtaan i-blackened. but all in all a great job well done! (na PM nya ako sa FB para dito haha)

    Aside from Tatong (I like the humorous parts, and his style of drawing lalo na yung cover), Jazz carmona clean art, well placed panels and Kevin Ang for his fully colored work.
    Currently reading other entries =)

  6. ganda ng colored cover ng Sampaguita,wahehehe lupit ng kalbo na character dun, nice story.
    sana colored din lahat ng page para asteg pa lalo tulad nung isang colored work jan na nabasa ko.

  7. Okay. Reviews.

    Ammathorn's Y2KILL FILIPINOS - Solid 24 pages, even started out with color until the creator ran out of time and decided to go with black and white instead. Good enough premise (sci-fi, machines vs. human beings, etc) although a bit overused. The story is in the visuals itself and you'll have to follow the visuals in order to know the actual story because the written words are like a preacher's soliloquy exonerating how much survivalists Filipinos are to the verge of being "mayabang" but I guess the creator was aiming for being bold.

    Rating: 3 / 5

    Cev Ruiz's Ang Boksingero

    The art feels too sketchy as if the whole thing was a hodge podge of impromptu sketches or story boards cut and pasted together to make a comic. It's in Filipino so it doesn't really cater to a large enough audience. Some bits are hard to understand and it feels like some captions were left out like in page 5 and page 7. Sometimes it feels like there are missing pages like after the boxing match you're suddenly in page 23 and the main character's holding a cross. Where did that come from? Story wise it juxtaposes the contest's theme of "Bakit Astig Ang Pinoy?" in the life of a boxer and the twist in the end I suppose is that the protagonist doesn't win which I guess was foreshadowed when he did the deed with his wife(?) prior to the boxing match. It continues with the theme that even if the boxer loses he still continues training which is a cheat page since it was basically page 1 again.

    Rating: 2.5 / 5

  8. Reviews. Part 2.

    Freely Abrigo's Bakit?

    I mentioned earlier that Freely Abrigo's entry was 5/5 with respect to art and it still is because it's clean and consistent. It's like the creator really put in time and effort to make the art shine. Unfortunately...there really isn't much of a story in this comic. And there are lots of cheats. Total page count is 24 which is the requirement for the contest. BUT it has 3 cover pages, the actual one and the other one at page 2. The third cover page is on page 9. Page 1 is actually like a copyright page or something. Page 22 is just a short creator's biography and Page 23 or the "back cover" is just like an advertisement for Freetoons Comics. The story, if you can call it that is divided into two parts. The 1st part is contrasting the contests themes with what is actually done by Filipinos like "Matapang" is interpreted as crossing dangerously through highways instead of using the overpass. The 2nd part is just an old Filipino joke where in various nationalities try to one up one another but of course the Filipino always wins. It's a shame. If there was an actual story with that clean consistent art this would have been a real contender. It might still be a contender depending on the judges decision and it's popularity of course.

    Rating: 3/5 (Should be 2/5 but the art really pulls it up)

    Jaime Quiano Jr's Happy Monthsary

    The art is actually good in this one. It grows on you the longer you keep reading. However, again, it kinda cheats the contest with its 2 page spreads which shouldn't really count as 2 pages because...I don't know. It just feels like a page to me although still it serves the story and that's good comic book storytelling there. Nitpicks: it's a good thing that the creator is aware of certain Filipino cultural phenomenons such as "jejemon" text speak and using it actually solidifies the story and puts us in the character's place or point of view and it supports the story overall but while reading it becomes distracting and while you want to get into the story you're stumbling around trying to figure out the words which may or may not have been intended by the creator. Story in any medium needs to be easily understood and this one pulls the reader away through the jejemon text speak. It kinda works but it also kinda doesn't. Still kudos for the sci-fi twist at the end. Who would have thought it was the end of the world already?

    Rating: 4/5

  9. Oh, wow! Thanks for the review, Erika! :)

  10. Reviews

    Raipo Toledo's Tsong, Astig Ka Ba?

    Is this like a choose your own adventure comic book? Because if it is then wouldn't that fall under the 24 page requirement? Or does that actually make it more than 24 pages because there are a couple of "paths" you can take that would make more than 1 comic? Anyways, can't really say much of the art since it's sparse with one major art work for each page and the rest of the space is spattered with word balloons and letters. As for the story, the premise is there's some word balloon speaking to the main character and it asks questions related to the contest's theme and the reader can actually follow through on which answer they want to follow. Pretty ingenious actually.

    Rating: 2/5

    Mary Ranises' The Tree of Life

    A silent comic with mostly 3 panel grids. The art is good enough. The basics of storytelling are there. A bit preachy but aren't they all? The story is a little confusing at first since there's a thought balloon in the protagonist's head that always contains a rock? a coconut? From the title itself it's about the Tree of Life which refers to the coconut actually and it also follows the path of the main character as he studies in a city and falls prey to bad friends and teaches him drinking beer and wasting time. The deus ex machina is when the main character is mugged and left for dead but he survives and his parents bring him back to the province where he plants the tree of life again. At least he's still alive which could still relate to the contest's theme.

    Rating: 3/5

  11. @ Erika: yes it was inspired from those "choose your own adventure" books :)

  12. I think Ammathorn's entry, Y2KILL FILIPINOS is the best of the lot. It's a good physical illustration of the classic philosophical struggle between human beings and machine intelligence that doesn't seems to mask the author's feelings in any way. The art is wonderfully expressive and organic, which perfectly illustrates the feel of the dynamic human attitude that triumphs over cold calculatory power in the story.

  13. I don't think Ammathorn's entry is the best. For a competition that has a tight deadline we really can't judge the art very much although some entries did manage to provide really impressive artworks. However storywise Y2KILL falls flat. Too predictabe and cliche'. Storywise I'd go with Happy Monthsary or even Tree of Life. Maybe even Ang Boksingero and Ang Huling Salong Bola. But definitely not Y2KILL.

  14. diverse ,,,ibaba gawa..msgaling!

  15. Noel cervantes' BREWED COFFEE DILEMMA is friggin awesome!!!

  16. I like Ammathorns Y2KILL FILIPINOS the most. I personally like the way he presents the story. Sure, it may be a tad predictable, but to come up with a mold breaking story with such a short timespan that is able to set it up, and put it down cleanly while being able to carry interest throughout the whole comic is not as easy as it seems. It may be seen as predictable to some, but you know, that method WORKS. when you have a story that works you are able to focus on completing the project in its entirety. His artwork is also great, it has style, technique and skill, i love the way he colors and wish he could have finished coloring the whole thing.

  17. Ammathorn's Y2kill had the best summation of the theme, and had a very good sense of humor and story beats.

    I think he should win, hands down, because of his message, which really transcends the theme into more than mere novelty Nationalism, Imho.

    The images, and decompressions were interesting and varied, and the movements would be interesting seen animated. He also used sci fi, in the way that sci fi should be used, to account for the past and culture of the present.

    other personal Faves are Mary Ranises's and Teddy Pavons, which also were very good in terms of message and story.

    I like the silent-round-aboutness of Mary's Story coupled with the symbol of the tree. There's a lot of good sequential art in there.

    Teddy's story started out slow, and I didn't like the character at first, but his argument made good sense, and carried a lot of weight.

  18. hmmm. panget siguro ung saken. hehehehehe

  19. There are many things that already set this short story apart from all of the more derivative webcomics out there and make it worth taking a look at. Firstly (if it hasn’t crossed your mind already) the subject matter of coffee with a smattering of filipino values is a pretty unique one. The great thing is that the way the comic is written so far is very grounded, making it easy for the reader to get into the story and wonder what it might be like if these events really happened.
    kaya napahusay ng coffee brewed dillemma na gawa ni noel cervantes!!! mabuhay ka:p

  20. Ammathorn's swirling rush through a post-apocalyptic Philippines is an impressive burst of creative power. The story twists and curves as easily as the organic linework that seems to project his world through a dreamlike glass. Thought-provoking and exciting, Y2Kill's familiar message somehow feels like its coming at you for the first time - all 24 striking pages of it.

  21. nakakatawa ung comment sa Y2KILL...i mean, the story's predictable nga pero they also place the phrase "break the mold" in the same sentence parang...oxymoron. Paanong naging break the mold ung story kung predictable nga siya at gasgas na gasgas na ung thema? ewan ko siguro di ko lang gets.

  22. I would not say on who's work is the best around here. I'm not good at artwork to judge who has the edge on that one nor a good writer by trade to put up a critique on the story, dialogues.

    I am simply a reader...

    and comics from what I see it consists of panels with scenes in it, speech bubbles for dialogues, and other boxes/words n stuff for narrations. or simply just illustrations telling a story, setting a mood etc.

    As far as I know there is that certain flow that a comic book artist would consider. the layout of panels may it be a simple single splash page, 2 paneled page or a complex 8 panel page etc.. it plays a vital role in making a comic book. the flow I'm talking about guides our eyes from scene to scene, panel to panel, from one dialogue to another with ease without being confused or swirling around the page like a fly confused where part of the "you know what" should it land( sorry for the analogy )The speech bubbles, boxes, words etc. should aid the panel in the same manner. This makes the comic book easy to read/watch regardless if its simply illustrated or elaborately rendered, wordless, simple story line, linear or a barrage of narrations, or a plot with intertwining complexity.

    The important thing is, What made us flip all throughout those pages? When we see a page is it inviting us to read/watch it regardless on how it looks like? if so then the comic book artist has done a great job. And if we are plunge into those pages, hooked up, experience the mood, digging the plot regardless on what it is then the writer did his job well. those are the comic books I stole, borrowed, bought, read/watched online.

    for me a comic book is just like a band. it can't just go alone with just one part, may it be the bass, drums, rhythm section, lead, vocals, no matter what genre it goes. its a different experience as you flip one page to another... it may take us to a different world or something we can simply related with. it is both written and drawn. its somewhere between a book and a movie.

    I have my favorites here and some of it didn't even made it to 24 pages. I don't know what it feels like to draw and conceptualize the comics within the given time. It sure is hell mowing down to those 24 pages in 24 hours, and they could have enjoyed it or prayed when it will end.

    But all I can say is the 15 entries here deserves equal attention on the effort alone, each should be given a chance to be read with because of the span of time of the contest then we may pick which one stands out completely and not just because our friends say so...

    peace! :D

  23. two cents...

    ...i don't deserve to win...the kind of art i came up was mediocre at best. i kept thinking i had to relate the story to the theme somehow and boxing kept creeping up in my mind...

    oh well...sayang, ang ganda pa naman noong mga premyong komiks. pwede ba consolation price ung mabasa ung mga comics? hehehehe

    peace sa lahat. lahat tayo panalo! lahat tayo pilipino!!!

  24. Frankly I don't agree that y2kill is the best comic. In my opinion the art is a bit shoddy and yes, the story isn't all that original either - especially since the narrative pretty much asked the reader introspective questions rather than focusing on much of a plot. I'm guessing this contest isn't just about the theme, it's also about the artistry involved, that's why it's a challenge to come up with 24 GOOD pages. Some of the top comics I picked in this contest are not included in the 15 links - a shame. Andrew Drilon, John Amor and Tatong Jurolan drew some amazing professional panels.

  25. Now, it was Ammathorn who linked me to this project and so far I have read only his comic, so this is not a comparison of his comic to anyone else's yet rather a critique on his work in specific: Within comics, story often takes precedent, followed by the art, where the art matches (or attempts to match) the mood of the story to achieve a cohesion resulting in a aesthetically pleasing comic. Most often, the standard focuses on a narrative-driven plot and the 'characters' within are drawn to mimic the action-thoughts written down (i.e. Superman is forever drawn punching villains in more brilliant ways), yet there are exceptions to this form and Ammathorn's Y2KILL FILIPINOS is one of them. A fan of both his technical ability, his choice of colors and line-work, his panel layout and pacing, AND his story telling prowess, I have often followed his adventures diligently and have come to this conclusion: he is a poet in the comics medium. Evoking raw emotions with the simple facial expressions of his characters, or revealing stark brutality with his monstrosities, despair and humility with his shattered landscapes, yet forever with the passion and fervor of a warrior of love, waving the banner of brotherhood and freedom, Ammathorn has very powerful messages and knows how to say them, and draw them. With Y2KILL as his most apparent display of the truths he believes, I feel honored to even internet-know him.
    We need more poet-cartoonists like him, his comics are more heroic than any superhero.

    If he is an example of the work within this collective, then I can't wait to read the rest.

    Keep the faith, fellow artists of the world!


  26. I loved ammathorn's Y2 kill! Regardless of the theme, its just brilliant. And it is so uplifting. It gave me a sense of reality which is ironic. From the title to the poetic narration 'til the ending it gave me the shivers. Kudos!

  27. Ammathorn's comic strikes deeply into a post apocalyptic future!

    As well as the instinct of survival!

  28. Hats off to all the guys who finished their comics on 24 hours.. @_@ whew...but my money is on Tatong Jurolan work....

    WHY? because,


    that's what comics is all

  29. I have started reading other entries. well first off, maganda ang pagkakagawa ng entries ni Kevin Ang & Jazz Carmona with the use of filipino language. awesome artwork! It goes along hand in hand with the script/story. If I were to be asked, it's publish-ready!

    And for Kevin Ang I Like the presentation, colored work, funny scenes. Filipinos never lose hope.

    And also yung ke Tatong Jurolan , Nice cover art, and his artwork is awesome nonetheless, gusto ko yung mga pahina nya, at yung story? astig, pang comics talaga yung dating, I don't know what hes been eating/drinking when he did this! medyo nakakarelate ako sa story nya about sa mentality ng mga pinoy na gustong pumunta sa abroad parang yun ang general message nya pero hindi lang yun marami pa!, althoug may mga topics na negative but hey! its reality! ang maganda dito di parin tayo nawawalan ng pag-asa sa ating sariling bayan. Its worth reading. it reminds me of war quoute saying "There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole" specially for us pinoys! I wonder why nobody notices it... probably its at the bottom, although for you to read it you have to click on it one by one for a larger image/text, but talagang astig basahin! Like the previous post, basahin natin lahat! hehe they all deserve it!

  30. Is Erica Cruz still reviewing other entries? I like the straightforward reviews. well anyway she's doing it for free =D

    I wouldn't say it's a breakthrough or something but Tatong Jurolan's Sampaguita is interesting, I wonder why he entitled it Sampaguita as I go through a couple of pages till the end... I realize why... and you guys should find that out for your selves. and I he asked me to check it out. Kickass for someone who comes from as far as Mindanao.

    whoah! Freely Abrigo! I always like his style. haha kinokolekta ko yung strips nito sa dyaryo! currently reading it!

  31. Reviews. Continued.

    (Sorry, got caught with INCEPTION. Go watch it. NOW!)

    Tobie Abad's Deadline

    One of the few comics in this contest that is cohesive in art and story. The art style is easy to follow. Although from my point of view some pages are essentially "cheats" meaning it's just the same graphic again and again and word splashes like the tick-tock for the clock. However, these aren't "cheats" per se because they are all used to serve the story. Nit picks: Page 17 has the main character crying because she was supposedly called a liar which I couldn't follow. It kind of jars you away from the story, kinda suspends your suspension of disbelief. The story revolves around a young girl who needs to finish her assignment and calls a supposedly scary creature the Bloody Mary to help her. She stacks up on matches to keep lighting the candle that seems to call the Bloody Mary creature. And she does all this to get help for her assignment which is, you've guessed it, "Bakit Astig Ang Pinoy?" In a good way the comic relates back to the theme of the contest but somehow I was more hoping for a comic book with a story that actually shows the theme rather than tell it to my face. Still this is one of the more polished results of the contest and deserves to be in the Top 10 more so the Top 5.

    Rating: 4/5

    Teddy Pavon's Worth Dying For

    Let me get a few things out of the way first: I don't like anime/manga art. I want my art dirty, sketchy, madumi. Secondly, if you're using digital lettering there's less of an excuse for wrong spellings and what not. This entry doesn't really appeal to me and it sure was a let down when it became a bit preachy in the end. Still I think it depends to be in the Top 10. The art is anime / manga inspired. Splashes of Kingdom Hearts and Naruto (?) here and there and perhaps Monster Allergy? The art is clean, easy to follow, just two pages of "cheat" pages where it's just all text. Story wise you will have to suspend more than just your disbelief. It has huge potholes but I suppose that's what you get in return for being able to send a message related to the contest's theme. One big plus for this entry: you don't see the words "Bakit Astig Ang Pinoy?" in any of its iterations at all.

    Rating: 3.5 / 5 (Should be a 4 but sorry, I'm really sick of anime / manga art)

  32. Tatong Jurolan's Sampaguita

    Another anime / manga inspired entry. Starts in English which the author seemed to be uncomfortable with and shifted to Filipino in the guise that the main characters are Filipino. No biggie there except somewhere near the end they shift to English again and you begin to understand why the shift in language in the first place. Again if you're using digital lettering it won't hurt to stop for a second and check grammar and spelling. I can't say much for the art on this one because as I've mentioned before I don't like anime / manga art. Although kudos to the creator for money shots (like the jeep toppling over) and the good use of shadows that pops out the characters. Story wise big plot holes like why the pursuers suddenly pulled back. I feel the creator had good intentions like adding comedy or something like that but you do have to remember that any story is an art of suspending disbelief. Don't knock back your readers with silly U turns and instructions to go to the grocery. Some pages may been used better to clear the setting and the plot but was relegated to talking heads that doesn't really move the story forward. Still a good entry nonetheless and a definite Top 10 if not a Top 5 contender.

    Rating: 3.5 / 5 (again the art and story brings it down from a 4 but the comic as a whole lifts itself up from a 3)

  33. RH Quilantang's Astig

    Earlier I mentioned that this was one of the entries that had good art. Unfortunately. it's mostly just a bunch of talking heads or well it includes a body and a leg from time to time. It's self deprecating to a point too. I mean, the creator doesn't want it to be cheesy but goes the cheesy way anyway and tries to justify him/herself that with such a way of shooting his/her point across, his/her entry is going to be judged as cheesy. You follow? In any case same point as many of the other entries that Pinoys are asitg because of this and that. Falls into the trap of just using the words instead of showing it through art. Well okay, there's a graphic for the heroes, the sports champion / boxer (wait, there's an entry about a boxer, right?), OFWs etc but it's still too...out there...too said out loud than effectively implied. Still with the good art and straight forward connection with the theme this should be somewhere in the Top 10. Unfortunately, I'll have to go all Simon on this one and say it's on the verge of being "forgettable".

    Rating: 3.5 / 5

    Could have been a 4 if it was the first comic entry I read...too bad...

  34. go mikko marcelo. idooool. wahhaha

  35. what makes a good komiks?...
    kung iisipin,,and komiks ay may mga sinusunod pa din na standard,,ngunit pwede itong hindi sundin,kase hindi ka naman makukulung nito sa salang "di pagsunod" sa "rules". pwede taung gumawa sa 10 o 1 lamang na panel sa gusto natin.. o kahit ilan, hindi ako ang "lord of komiks",ngunit sa nalalaman ku..ang magandang komiks ay hindi nakikita sa pagiginitong "good all' positive type friendly komiks",anu ba ang ibig sabihin ko nito...ito ay ang mga pinapakita o sinasabi ng komiks na makabayan,makatao,maka puso,puro positibong aspeto lamang..ang magandang komiks ay binuboo ng paghalo ng mabuti at masama (good and evil)yin yang(pagbalanse)..hindi lang puro kabutihan,,para basahin ng mga tao. isa pa ang pag bibigay hindi-authoritarian na kwento o approach sa nagbabasa..dahil hindi kalang ang may awtorirad sa mga mangyayare sa komiks,,o kung papanu nila ito maiintindihan,,sa ganitong paraan mabibigyan natin ng "justice" and mga nagbabasa ng komiks.
    ito ay malalim na pagbigay explinasyon kung anu ang magandang komiks..hindi ito saradung argumento o philosopiya..kailangan at isipin natin na kailangan ding tanungin ang mga nag basasa..ang ibig kung sabihin,,wag lang natin silang iispoon feed!,,,natungin din natin sila,,mga katanungan na sasagutin,,upang gumana naman ang kanilang mga utak,,(thinking),,

    ang komiks ay hindi lamang for entertainment purposes ito din dapat ay informative,..may tawa,,kalokohan,,iyak,violence,love,war,peace,o kahit anu anung mga topic..ngunit sa kataposan..ito dapat ay may tinatanung na "katanungan"..(kung anu man ito)---hindi sarado o tapos na!..hindi the end...

  36. Nice one mikko :D hanep may Ruiz pala dito \m/(^_^)\m/


  38. Grabe galing ng kay Mikko Marcelo!

  39. magaling ba? minadali ko na nga lang e... hirap pa gumawa ng story . hahahah

  40. idol!! naks!! the next da vinci

  41. the next da vinci = mikko marcelo

  42. Wow! ESSAY by Mikko Marcelo was really inspiring! It talks about how the people who we Filipinos think are leaving us for another place, are actually our heroes. They are the ones who spread the news and the greatness of the Filipinos! I am moved and really inspired by his work. I hope you do more. These are some of the few things that makes me proud to be a Filipino. Ingenuity with comics, and how our OFW fellow citizens, are spreading the greatness of the Philippines. Thank you for your work Mikko.

    - A Fan,

    The black and white color showed me your emotion for it. Really touching. :)

  43. I particularly like Kevin Ang's Part of the Job. The fact that he managed to make it fully colored despite time constraints is pretty amazing for me. The art is really nicely done as well. It didn't feel rushed at all and still looks polished.
    Aside from the technical aspect, this comic book also has a very nicely written story. It has a very light-hearted and comedic start followed by an intense climax before balancing everything out with a satisfying conclusion.
    It's funny how the story would seem predictable at some points and yet the scene you were expecting wasn't the scene that followed. I think it did capture the theme of why Filipinos are astig. They're unpredictable, loving, tolerant and passionate.

  44. @Erika Cruz
    Hey! Thanks for the review! I'm a bit confused on whether I should be thanking or apologizing for my entry though...so Thansorry? XD
    You're right about the Digital Lettering stuff - should have been more careful with that, and it eats me reading it now that I let so many typos go past. But it is what it is, so no point beating myself up over it.
    I have to confess though, I've never seen an episode/ read a chapter of Naruto before, and I dunno what Monster Allergy is.

  45. sa anonymous na nag-wawala jan sa taas There are no RULES! To be in particular, in any art form. but we must remember there are standards. these are like formulas, again Its like music! you can go to Experimental Heavy Death Grind METAL OF DOOM or you can prefer Pop Rock with a personal twist for a much wider audience.

    I say let's just consider the fact that all these entries are made within 24 hours grammatical errors, problems in graphics/panels, plot holes, or what ever the shortcomings these participants may have come into shouldn't be a big deal, I guess. imagine if these artist are given a month to make 24 pages...

    I go for whats just interesting that was done at a 24 hour level. I even see some entries that clearly wants more pages to really bring sense to his/her story but they had to end at page 24 and obviously there's not enough time.

    And we should thank Erica Cruz for the time she spent for all of the entries at least everyone knows where they came short. A critic can help us sharpen ourselves, we should learn to accept them. it was pretty constructive, by the way.

  46. Mikko Marcelo's Essay

    This entry was a little hard to follow. The art is consistent. It's not the best and you see the degradation in the art as you go through the pages. Page 2 is particularly worthy of note / praise because it's a nice full blown artistic / symbolic page. If only the participant was able to make the art and the story more cohesive. The story (or lack thereof) is hard to follow. It's confusing from the beginning. You just get a sense of what's happening when you're told that the main character is just writing an essay (guess what the title / theme of the essay is supposed to be...yep, "bakit asting ang pinoy") and sticking true to manyana habit, wastes time playing computer games and smoking. He even gets enough time to win a computer game contest. In the end he finishes his essay with one sentence. I'm telling you, it's either the one who made this was on something or you need to be on something to appreciate this comic. I mean there's a story in it but it just shifts too much and doesn't really get to the point. It feels like he/she had multiple points to push across in mind but flutters around from point to point like something about Filipinos going abroad, something about winning computer games, something about identity. This could have been a great entry and it probably still is but it's just one that I don't appreciate that much.

    Rating: 2 / 5 (Sorry it's just not for me. Maybe it's a 3 or even a 4 for others but not for me.)

  47. My turn! Luis... Bro, kalay gyud ka! hahaa
    can't believe I'm sharin a PC with this guy... ngekz!anyway, I dig what he just said and we have the same particular entry in mind but hes just playin clean hehe just kidding. and ohhhh interesting critique, Erica.

    Sad, John Amor and Alex Capriano didn't made it but they put up a fight!

    As I can say for styles of art Pure Manga/Anime needs clean lines and toning will be time consuming. And as for pure western approach it needs a sense of anatomical correctness and facial details need more, ummm.. time. I guess some participants find it easy to draw simple lines resembling mouth, eyes, nose, ears etc. to narrow down time.hehe I am not much of a fan either of Naruto, Bleach, or whatever popular anime out there. I only dig G.I.T.S. Akira, Ninja Scroll, Ergo Proxy etc. stuffs like bagong tubo na "otaku" wouldn't even have a clue about it. And as for that Sampaguita entry by tatong, I think I'm the only one who digs the crocodiles lines "tsaka na natin kunin pag hinug na ang bunga" thats why the villainous RonRon Olmz pulled out. face looks familiar, its probably him, you readin this Raps? yeah it looks like you, man haha... it is you!hehe sensya na mukhang onesided ata ako pero manok namin si Tatong eh hehehe... Go Malaybalay City Bukidnon!!

  48. Norby Ela's Weather-Weather

    This entry revolves around an English language teacher/tutor and his Korean student caught in one of the storms that floods the student's house. In the beginning of the story the Korean has some animosity with his teacher even outright saying that he doesn't like the Philippines, Filipinos, and is basically just being forced to learn English here. The storm floods the house and the two are forced up on the roof and share the harrowing experience of being left under the rain. A kindly neighbor helps the two with some food and blankets. Eventually the two are saved and the Korean student is reunited with his mom and dad. At this juncture the Korean realizes that the Philippines is great because of the people. He even lets his teacher in on it. The story is stable enough and the language barrier/banter between the two characters provides some comic relief. At least this entry succeeds in relating with the theme without being too overt. It would have been better if the Korean student didn't say what makes the Philippines great and just implied that it's because of Filipinos like the teacher that make the Philippines great. There's nothing much to be said about the art, however, since it is appropriate for the story with a couple of cheats here and there. Definitely worth a Top 10 shoe in.

    Rating: Not too bad. 3.75 / 5

  49. nakalimutan ata ng ibang artist na gumawa ng komiks na tagalog? bkit ibang lenguahe ang ginamit? ang contest na ito ay labanan ng mga pinoy artist.. ang magbabasa ng komiks nyo ay pilipino... at hindi amerikano... gumawa kau ng sariling atin....

  50. tama ,,mr. anonymous pilipino language..

  51. "nakalimutan ata ng ibang artist na gumawa ng komiks na tagalog?"

    It was a pretty conscious consideration on my part.
    I don't equate language as the only basis for nationalism. :D

  52. @ Anonymous # 13
    Pede nga yun pero malay natin merong mga foriegn audience, dapat din natin ipaalam sa kanila na astig tayo. di lang tayo dapat kapwa pinoy nagpapa-astigan sa isat isa. Kung sang-ayon ako sayo eh dapat gumawa din sila ng Bisaya, Waray, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, etc. na komiks... hehe opinyon ko lang po

  53. Uy! Tatong haha... I just read it this day! nobody died? still awesome... kinayanan mo talaga! buangka pede kanang mag One Man Army, but hey, you already are hahah! taga Malaybalay! =D

  54. Well I don't think that the comics can't convey nationalism if it isn't in Tagalog. Never mind that English is actually our second language, but if the artists feel that they are more comfortable and that it is easier to convey the message of the story if it was in English (as is the case with me) I think it's their creative right. And a lot of these comics conveyed it just fine in English, at least for me :) Just my two cents

  55. Noel Cervantes' Brewed Coffee Dilemma

    The art here is solid enough with proper inks and actual black areas that make it pop out. The comic starts strong both artwise and storywise even if it does follow the same route of directly chronicling (is there such a word?) a guy's journey in completing his 24 hour comic book challenge symbolized by a superhero in cape and tights flying around the Philippines witnessing the various traits that Filipinos are known for. However, it is revealed that it's all a dream and the guy wakes up to hurriedly finish his entry. If it weren't for the short comings in story and the obvious cheat pages starting from page 17 right till the end I would have wholeheartedly recommended this for the Top 10. As it stands however, it feels as if this entry is just 16 to 18 pages long. It tries to pull itself together right at the end by bouncing the question Bakit Astig Ang Pinoy? back to the readers but by this time it's all too late. The art is solid enough but the story does fall short.

    Rating: 2.25 / 5

    I'm sorry but I can't let several pages with just a drawing of a sheet of paper slide. But maybe others might be more forgiving :)

  56. Jazz Carmona's Ang Huling Salong Bola

    Right off the bat you'll notice that this entry offers something special art wise. The illustrations particularly the faces and the anatomy are brilliant. Unfortunately with the 24 hour restriction you see the deterioration quite fast as well. Also among the four main characters two of them look quite similar and it was confusing at some point whether who was speaking to whom. The story is quite straight forward. A group of fishermen get trapped at sea with one of them dying and the rest fighting for the last piece of clothing that they deemed edible. At the last moment they are saved by some mysterious helicopter and the entry relates to the theme in some way / sense by saying that the Philippines is similar to a boat that gets caught in tragedy and everyone helps one another to rise from that tragedy. One nitpick with this entry is that the whole thing feels like it's being controlled by the narrator. The narrator says there's the engine dies and it does. The narrator says there's a huge storm and there it appears. In a visual medium you have to be confident especially since the art for this entry was good enough that readers don't really need to be told what's happening since they can see it for themselves. Also the dialogue doesn't seem to be apt for the age of the characters. If they were really that hungry how could have had an old man defeated two younger guys? The reason for the holding on to the last piece of clothing is quite ridiculous as well as the reason for them eating it but I'm suspending my disbelief on the latter. There's too much deus ex machina to the story especially since there's suddenly a mysterious helicopter that has come to save them. Still however, this entry has 24 solid pages and the art is good enough if you can forgive the some points in the writing.

    Rating: 3 / 5 Could have been better. The creator has lots of potential.

  57. @ Erika Cruz
    Oi! thanks! for the review! Now I know where I really came short. I did have trouble in pages 21, 22 ,23 (siniksik ko nalang, I had a time table set, I must end all pencils by 2:00am more or less.) Kyle Taguloy mentioned, that was actually "Tsaka nalang tayo gagalaw pag hinug na ang bunga" I hoped that would make it up for a more reasonable for the antagonist to pull out. I don't have time for checking the words, I just rushed into it out of panic and I discard most of the supposed to be narrations, so I can say most of em are impromptu stuffs and the sun is up already. I know my pace, medyo lang hehe.

    BTW, "I don't like anime/manga art. I want my art dirty, sketchy, madumi." I heard this one before, I just can't remember where. I like it messy too, I just find it faster to draw manga influenced faces.
    Thanks! I hope I can still keep those things in mind in the future. We all still got a lot to learn. The contest change some of my approach in drawing nowadays it was a great experience.

    Luis! hehe aha na imong critic para sa akoa?

  58. teddy.... nakalimutan mo ata na pilipino ka... magtagalog ka sir...

    alalahanin nyo, ung komiks na mananalo,ipri-print yan ng espesso, ikakalat yan sa mrt, lrt lahat ng may "t" sari-saring taong sumasakay jan. pano maiintindihan ng kargador sa pier o ung mga tipong hindi marunong mag inglish sa komiks na ganyan.

    ang bansang hapon, napakaunlad ng komiks nla.. talgang kilala sa buong mundo ang kanilang gawa..bkit? kc proud cla sa lenguahe na nlalagay nla sa komiks nla.

    take note, karamihan sa mga hapon, hindi marunong mag ingles....

    ang kontes na ito ay para sa mga pilipino na ang magbabasa ay kapwa pilipino rin...

  59. Thank you for the great review.

    And congratulations to everyone who hit 24 pages!

  60. Forgive me for the last entry. Too many typos. Anyways, here's the last review.

    Kevin Justin Ang's Part of the Job

    I'm sure it was a big gambit starting the comic in color. I guess the participant was really confident that he could finish it that way. And unlike Ammathorn's entry this one gets colored all the way. Of course the coloring is simple enough, but it does help in elaborating the art without having to put down the detail in pencils and inks. The characters' faces would be really simple in black and white but by putting down color it gives it a more 3 dimensional look saving time in toning / crosshatching / shadows etc. So there's really nothing that can be said about the art especially if it's going to be compared to the other entries. However the story's unsteady at some places especially with the whole expository monologue in page 16. A little too melodramatic that wasn't really that necessary. I mean, if the main character's mother was sick, why don't you just show that through the art? And I'm not sure I agree with the story at the point where the main character ditches the job interview that he supposedly really really needs just to help a complete stranger. But of course if you can believe the challenges the main character goes through like riding the jeep and the lrt and wading through that flood then you can probably believe that he'd help the kid. But still the nitpick here is that you established a character this way and suddenly he does a full 180 and forgets what he needs to do. In other words it's like as if he had forsaken his family and himself just to help a complete stranger. I just can't accept that I suppose. And the story ends predictably enough with a happy ending. Kid's reunited with her mom, main character gets the job. All's well that ends well?

    Rating: 4/5 Numero Uno contender for the top spot. In fact, the question is if Espresso Comics can publish this in color or not.

  61. @Erika Cruz,

    Sala,at po sa pagrereview nyo po ng aking storya. Ito'y nanatutulong para masgumaling pa ang aking kakayanan magsulat pa ng magagandang istorya sa mga susunod. maraming salamat!

  62. Norby Ela: no i don't think pangit ung sa iyo. :)

    Cev: may chance ka naman, i think. I'd place you in the top 10 kahit pangit art mo. Hehehe

    KyleTagz: Finished with the reviews. Whew! Hirap din, reading everything and keeping a more or less objective stance. Lalu na since I was directed here by a contestant! Hulaan niyo na lang kung sino...

    Should I do it for a fee? Sabi nga ni Joker, if you're good at something never do it for free...

    Teddy Pavon: Monster allergy is a Disney cartoon series that was released as a comic book a few years ago. The monsters there have eyes/markings similar to the one you used for the diwata and the ligaw na kaluluwa in your entry. You have a lot of potential. Keep at it. Maybe a few pointers in story wouldn't hurt. Don't be discouraged.

    Luis kalay: I've always been into comics as far as I can remember. I try to be constructive as much as I can and I do say what I don't like just to get it out of the way. I mean, I may not like manga / anime inspired art but that doesn't mean I don't like the comic in its entirety.

    Tatong: No problem. Keep it up. Lots of potential in your artwork. I guess my main complaint is with the story. I'm really not a fan of sudden changes in story tone. I don't think it's believable that the villain would suddenly back down. I guess what I'm saying is a little bit of consistency in characterization would really help in moving the story forward.

    There. Finished. Have I mentioned that you should all go watch INCEPTION? Go watch it!!! NOW!!!

  63. This contest was really great. I just have a few questions. For the top 10 is it going to be a popularity contest? How would the organizers keep track of the page views and hits? Google analytics maybe? Anyways, I just hope the shortlist / top 10 can be chosen in a more quality over popularity way. But that's up to the organizers.

    As for me, here's my top 10 in no particular order...

    Disregard the rating from the reviews. Coming up with a Top 10 meant looking at the entries together. For example I gave Cev's entry Ang Boksingero a low rating but I still think it should be in the Top 10 because it actually has a story. Freely Abrigo's entry was fun but story wise it doesn't really have one. Also it used an old joke and you really can't count that as story, right? Again, I'd rather see Jaime Quiano Jr's Happy Monthsary in the Top 10 rather than Noel Cervantes' or RH Quilantang's entry because of the story and the twist at the end neither of which the latter two entries actually have. Art wise Quiano's entry doesn't hold a stick to Cervantes' or Quilantang's entry but we are considering comics here and not just art works.

    / Ammathorn

    / Cev Ruiz

    ? Freely Abrigo

    / Jaime Quijano

    ? Raipo Toledo

    ? Jazz Carmona

    / Kevin Ang

    / Mary Ranises

    ? Mikko Marcello

    ? Noel Cervantes

    / Norby Ela

    ? RH Quilantang

    / Tatong Jurolan

    / Teddy Pavon

    / Tobie Abad

    The hard part here is choosing a 10th entry which for me is a really tough decision to make. Carmona's entry has story as well as Marcello's, Cervantes' and Quilantang's. I could go with Toledo's experimentalism or just throw the towel and go with Abrigo's which isn't really that bad except for the lack of story. Marcello actually has something to say in a psychedelic kind of way. But I can't forgive Cervantes' several pages that didn't have anything in it. Quilantang could be the one to make it since it does say something but it's just doesn't push the medium's storytelling aspect. For me, story is king. There's a beginning, a middle, and an end. A setup, conflict, resolution, and denouement.

    Should I go with Mikko Marcello's ESSAY or Jazz Carmona's ANG HULING SALONG-BOLA for the 10th spot? Or should I just drop Ruiz and Quiano and put in Marcello, Carmona and Quilantang? Or drop just Ruiz, retain Quiano, and add in Marcello and Carmona only, leaving out Quilantang? Hay. Well, here's to the contestants! You're all winners for finishing anyway!!! Good luck!!!

  64. "teddy.... nakalimutan mo ata na pilipino ka... magtagalog ka sir..."

    Hey hey hey HEY! Let's not go into a I'm-more-Filipino-than-you tirade okey? You have you're opinion, I have mine. We are all equally Filipinos but we express it differently.

    True, the Japanese are commendable for using their language in their comics, but it doesn't follow that the SOLE reason for it being critically acclaimed is because of their use of Japanese. In fact, most of the world read manga translated in a language known to them.

    I hope you're not insinuating that critically acclaimed Filipino writers are unpatriotic for not writing in Filipino, or that International Filipino singers are not for not singing Kundiman, or that Sports personalities are not Filipinos for not being Sipa champions.

    Again, we show our nationalism in different ways. Language is one, but its not the end all and be all of patriotism.

  65. Salamat sa lahat ng nagbasa at nagkomento! 'Sport' lang mga tsong. Kitakits sa susunod.

  66. Salamat sa mga nag comments sa gawa ko at sa iba din. BREWED COFFEE DILEMMA ay storya ng aking paglalakbay sa pagawa ng komiks sa 24 hour comics challenge at emosyon na dinadaanan, ang storya ay may dalawang mukha, ito ang "reality" at "Dream",
    isang stilo para lumipad ang imahinasyon nang nagbabasa,Bakit brewed Coffee Dilemma? ang Title ng Gawa ko?..makikita dito ang pinagdadaanan ng character: ung sa nanaginip at ung panaginip,isa din ang mahalang sangkap sa storya ung "kape" un ang nagbigay ng dilemma sa storya..un ang dahilan kung bakit sa kinahulihan ng storya,,walang nagawa kundi mga blankong papel and character sa storya, isa din ito pag expirimento sa storya, para maiba naman, hindi masaya ang katapusan,(sorry kung hindi happy ending)..nagpapasalamat ako ulit sa mga nag comments..at syempre sa lahat nang sumali dito!
    MABUHAY KAYUNG LAHAT mga KOmikero sa ibabang daku ng Pilipinas!--cervantes

  67. Brewed Coffee Dilemma -is also about the "crisis" of Filipino Identity--

  68. @Erika Cruz

    Yah tama ka Erika, ahaha ang hirap gumawa ng story with a given theme. hehe! Sobrang naubusan pa ako ng time para gawin yung iba. ahaha inuna ko nga yung apge 2 e, dapat page 1 yan kaso parang ang hirap so minadali ko lahat. natapos ako 6am heheh. amateur lang hehe. sorry! tapos wala na ako maisip tapos nagkagulo na ahahah

    pero thanks, i will do better next time. :P

  69. To anonymous who said

    "teddy.... nakalimutan mo ata na pilipino ka... magtagalog ka sir..."

    "ang kontes na ito ay para sa mga pilipino na ang magbabasa ay kapwa pilipino rin... "

    I would just like to say that you are starting to sound like a bigot. I don't even know Teddy, but he already said it was a conscious consideration on his part. Ibig sabihin, hindi niya tinalikuran ang pagka pinoy niya dahil lang sa choice of language na ginamit niya sa kanyang komiks. Like it or not, language is not the sole criteria for nationalism anymore, and you will just have to accept that some people are more comfortable speaking in English to express themselves. That doesn't mean you have a right to judge them based on that alone. Don't use the Japanese being unable to use English either - they weren't as completely occupied by the Americans and acting like history had no part in the way Filipino's educations are now leaning towards learning English is failing to acknowledge an unavoidable part of our past.

    Also, no, this is not a contest about who is the most nationalistic. It's a contest for creators to draw 24 pages in 24 hours, in whatever language they choose, in whatever art style they choose, with a theme: Bakit astig ang pinoy. So kindly refrain from making uninformed statements that sound like activist propaganda - everyone is being civil here, most especially the creators themselves. We at least owe them that much respect.

    Also, I am not some anonymous supporter of Teddy. My boyfriend's entry was Lawak (by John Amor) and it wasn't included in the top 15. But I just thought that the judgments against some creators were unfair. Be objective in your assessments. Don't make sweeping statements.

  70. @ Erika Cruz
    Two thumbs up on the review! :D and yes Inception, we're still waiting for the DVD rip (oopss...) well I can say, I can see that sudden changes in story tone in Tatong's previous stuffs. and as for his artwork, Ive been following his works for a long time now, ilang Kanto lang bahay nila samin eh lol), I find most of them caught in the middle of western and manga haha western style of rendering sometimes that Sin City feel he attempts to put on his pages, & cross hatching although we can't really see most of it in his entry, we could say. while on anime I think he's fond of capcom stuffs and Mamuro Oshii/Masamune shiro animation movies, anime with less "Colombian Coke Ridden Eyes" as he calls it that way haha, I'm into anime really, gory anime. kanya kanyang preference talaga yan

    there... Kyle are you happy? lol tulog na yata yung manok natin XD

  71. Google Analytics and we're going to be tracking unique pageviews. :)

  72. To anonymous who started as anonymous # 13 who said

    "teddy.... nakalimutan mo ata na pilipino ka... magtagalog ka sir..."

    "ang kontes na ito ay para sa mga pilipino na ang magbabasa ay kapwa pilipino rin... "

    heck, I dunno Teddy.

    I don't wanna bring it up but we have +170 dialects as a matter of fact I can speak 3 if not 4 of them fluently, I can't help but misunderstanding your comment as "__________ ka sir" equals "Pilipino", I'm sorry. Unless we merge all these dialects into one then that's a different story. Pagkapilipino ku hadi iyan agkamatay. :D peace

  73. Re: Google Analytics. Ay. Sayang. Which probably means some of my friends' page views on our "manok" won't count 'cause we're mostly on one computer...still won't hurt to try increasing his chances to get into the top 10...

    Ei thanks for reading my reviews. And I really did enjoy all the entries even if it seems I didn't. Each entry had something unique to contribute from the story to the art to the whole package. I'm even trying to catch up on those that fell short of the 24 page limit. Lots of gold there too.

    Please please please! Don't wait for the torrents! Go watch INCEPTION!!! It's further proof that the SUPERMAN movie is in good hands (Christopher Nolan's producing it). Peace!

    PS If anyone has art or comics that they would like to share to be deconstructed just email me at kaicruz920(at)yahoo


  74. Erika, don't count your manok out just yet (whoever that manok is). The power of a good story is limitless, after all.

    I really enjoyed your reviews and I'm happy that most of the comic book creators here were very open to constructive criticisms. I believe that both are needed for a healthy comic book industry.

    Check out KOMIKEROKOMIKS.COM. It's where the KOMIKERO Artist Group has been experimenting. :)

  75. @Erika
    Thanks for the critique! In a way that melodramatic thing was supposed to contrast thehumorous way he shrugged it off in the next page: kinda like the hyperbole of how Filipinos tend to jump up and shrug it off and keep moving forward. I do admit it may have gone a bit overboard hahaha. And thanks so much for the review! For a moment there I thought you were going to bash my comic with a low rating XD but I'm grateful that you picked it as your choice.

    and @ anonymous:

    Respectfully speaking sir, as I've commented before: I disagree whole heartdley with the notione that not using Tagalog means you are not being a true Filipino. That's just absurd and unfair to the artist who took pains to create the comic.

  76. ops sorry sir teddy... nadala lang po ng emosyon... peace po...


  78. @Anon
    Ok, I'll let bygones be bygones.
    I get that you are passionate about your opinion, and everyone is entitled to them, but there has to be mutual respect for both points of views, because thats what they are - opinions. There's no absolute right or wrong.

    You're probably a really patriotic guy and I find it quite admirable, but next time try to process your thoughts better and not step into personal attacks, ok?

    Have a good day! :D


    Hats off for the review!

    ay... one count lang pag iisang IP address? what about proxy servers? etc.. anyways we just told our friends to tell there friends on that specially who would help better than your relatives ehehe... Its nice to see people helping out their friends. Yung manok kasi namin eh daming pinagkakaabalahan,baka magkasakit pa ule yun ahahah cguro lahat naman tayo meron kinabubusyhan.

    @ tatong: pasok man o hinde libre mo kami ni luis hehe. Pray mo ke Lord lets just cross our fingers till then!

  80. HI GUYS, SALUDO AKO SA MGA SUMALI SA Philippine 24-hour Comic Book Challenge.GALING!! nxt tym uli!! :D

  81. @Erika Thank you for the review. You just proved my fears true. hahaha.

  82. hi! kelan top 10 ?? :P

  83. @Erika Cruz:

    ate, tnx 4 the review! (ate, coz i'm only 15)
    mabuhay ka, salamat sa pagsalo sa huling salong-bola. hehe...

    --tnx and congrats 2 all participants! such a good match!

  84. I must admit I had a difficult time thinking of the theme. because it was really hard to differentiate the filipino with the rest of south east asia. most of our culture and little trivia are based on other countries (adobo is from spain, guys) what was really bugging me though was that i had to choose either tagalog or english... in my heart i chose english because despite this being a filipino contest i wanted foreigners to look at our works... because a nationality that is closed upon its own culture is a draft of fascism. we are not nazis we must share the world of our ideas despite our indifferences, but in this day and age it is so hard to be open when a country like ours has so many problems that we focus on questioning the injustices of that reality instead of opening them up for solution. the philippines maybe a smear in the eyes of the world...but we are still part of that world and its people.

    filipino's have this kind of warmth and hospitality i have never seen in other countries (take that malaysia!) this warmth was something i wanted to capitalize... and come with a really bizarre story story. in the end we must not antoganize others with the little differences that make us unique because as a people in the speck of the world we must be stronger and wiser than what the world would give us credit for.

    Our indifferences should not divide us as a people but rather unify us as a nation for its people.

    well that's what i believe anyway. XD

  85. @Erika Tnx din for the great review.... gud luck to all!! :p

  86. Admittedly, I still haven't finished reading all the stories. Some of the stories I liked though were from Norby Ela (thats a short but hearwarming tale), RH Quilantang (a good take on the dilemma 24-hour contestants went through), Kevin Ang (the humor may be exaggerated but it gets the point across - plus I'm impressed for the extra effort to color all the pages) and Teddy Pavon (I like the artstyle).

  87. Great comics! Not really a comic fan, but I can't help but be proud of all the Pinoy talent I've seen here. Great stories, and most of all, great art!!! Good Luck to everyone!

    To Anonymous who said
    "teddy.... nakalimutan mo ata na pilipino ka... magtagalog ka sir..."

    It's funny that you think of someone as being less of a Filipino just because he chooses english as a medium of communication. No less than the Philippine Constitution recognizes English as one of the official languages of the Philippines, aside from Filipino. See (Sec 7, Art 14 of the Philippine Consti.)

    I just think you deserve to know that. Everyone does.

    Peace. :D

  88. www.tatong.wordpress.com

    ^Right there is how I came up with the entry from scratch to something else. I put it up on my blog... :)

    I got a very screwed up, one sided, biased underdog mentality or point of view sometimes I'm glad it didn't made it to the entry... hahaha

    I learn/prove a few great things from this contest, its enough for me. I wanna know my pace more.

    @Luis, Raps, Danny & Kyle

    next payroll mga ungas... hehe salamat! I need more rest.

    Congratulations to all!!! this contest is enough proof na astig pag pinoy


  90. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge! :D