Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Rules

Prepared by Jonas Diego

Following are the rules for the Philippine 24-hour Comic Book Challenge as established by Scott McCloud, the originator of the challenge.

1. It must be begun and completed within 24 consecutive hours.
2. Only one person may be directly involved in its creation and it must span 24 pages.
3. The creator may gather research materials and drawing tools beforehand, but cannot plan the comic's plot ahead of time or put anything on paper (such as designs and character sketches) until he is ready for the 24 hours to begin.
4. Any breaks (for food, sleep, or any other purpose) are counted as part of the 24 hours.

1. The contest is open to individuals only and to all art styles.
2. The contest is open to all Filipino comic book creators, professionals or amateurs, regardless of location.
3. The stories remain © and TM of their respective creators. The creators however, by joining the challenge, agree to assign non-exclusive online publishing rights to JONASDIEGO.COM.
4. The participants should have access to scanners (for scanning their comic book pages) and the internet (for uploading their work).

1. The comics should adhere to a strict PG-13 code (no nudity, explicit depiction of genitalia or the act of copulation, and no excessive gore and violence).
2. The use of photographs, filtered pics, and photo manipulated images as part of the comics is prohibited.
3. The use of 3D is prohibited.
4. The comics can be colored or in black and white.
5. The comics can be in Filipino or English.
6. Digital drawing and lettering is allowed.
7. Plagiarism and swiping are grounds for automatic disqualification.
8. The theme for the 24 hour comic book challenge will be given an hour before the challenge starts via e-mail AND will be posted on the website and blog.
9. The 24-hour comic book challenge will begin on July 17, 2010 Saturday 9:00 AM.

1. Participants will upload their comic book pages into a blog which will be provided for them by the organizers. One page will be one blog entry.
2. Access to the said blog will only be available to the participants an hour before the 24 hour comic book challenge begins. Access will be revoked after 24 hours. No extensions and no exceptions.

1. The participants will be given a period of five (5) days immediately after the 24 hour comic book challenge period to promote their work online.
2. A shortlist of ten (10) participants with the highest pageviews will be selected from the group.
3. A distinguished panel of judges composed of professional comic book creators will pick winners for the following categories: Best Story and Best Art.
4. The ten (10) winners will receive various valuable items from different sponsors as prizes, non-convertible to cash. The comics they made will be the source material for the 24-hour Animation Challenge.
5. The winners for the Best Story and the Best Art will receive cash prizes in addition to the valuable items.

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