Sunday, July 11, 2010

Instructions for the 24-hour Comic Book Challenge

Here’s how things are going to work.

Joining the 24-hour Blog

The Philippine 24-hour Comic Book Challenge blog is where it’s all going to be happening. This is where the participants will be uploading their comic book pages as they go along.

The organizers are going to invite the participants to become a member of the blog. Each of them are going to get email notification (check your SPAM folder periodically as your invitation may get mistakenly directed there by your e-mail provider) via Blogger asking them to become authors on the blog. Accept the invitation.

If you don’t have an account yet you will be asked to create one.

Simply follow the instructions that will be given you.

This Year’s Theme

The theme for this year will be e-mailed to the individual participants AND posted on both the website and the blog. After which the participants will have 24 hours to create 24 pages of comics.

Uploading your work

At the title field, make sure that you put your story’s title first, followed by your name, and the page number you’re uploading like in the sample below.

To upload your work, simply click on the picture icon at the toolbar.

A dialogue box will open.

Select the file you’re going to be uploading and click “OK” once you’re done. Ideally your image should be 450 pixels wide and in JPG format for easier uploading.

Please don’t delete the share button found at the bottom.

Last but not the least, tag your work with your name. Go to labels found directly after the main body and click on "select all" and click on your name.

Once your image has been uploaded and the post tagged with your name, click “Publish”.


For further questions and clarifications, please e-mail Johnny Y. Danganan at or contact him via Yahoo Messenger (his YM ID is johnny_danganan). You can also reach him via mobile phone (0927.531.1680) or via landline (02.728.9647).

Good luck, everyone!

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